Living Bridge is a 25 song, 2 CD collection of new and unreleased songs by bands who have previously recorded at the Rare Book Room Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

It was produced by Nicolas Vernhes and marks Rare Book Room Records’ first release.

These are not outakes; all the songs but one* were recorded for the exclusive purpose of this collection. Bands who had previously recorded here were asked if they would record one song of their choice, meant to be part of a collection highlighting the varying types of music which are the jumping-off point for the label. They were also given free reign to experiment and try a new approach for this one of a kind record.

To help make all these different styles of music flow as an album, the bands were also encouraged to create long intros and endings (when appropriate) so the songs could cross-fade into one another for one giant sonic trip. As a result, many songs overlap and create an organic way to proceed through the collection.

In its essence, “Living Bridge” is a mixed tape made with loving dedication to the craft of these musicians who have helped make the Rare Book Room what it is. And as the first release for this label, it also hints at the upcoming full lengths from Palms (Berlin and NYC) and Lia Ices (NYC), both of which appear here.

The packaging is over the top in all the good ways: thick cardboard soaked with deep black ink and coated.

Design and layout by Marcelina Restrepo.
Cover photo by Paula Ospina.
Listen to a full stream here.

Production details: most of the tracks were recorded on a 1973 3MM79 2" tape machine and then transfered to Logic for mixing. In the case of the Deerhunter track "After Class", this is more evident as the middle breakdown is made up of the same melodic bits but played off the tape at half speed and layered on top of the real time version. Is that TMI?

CD 1

avey tare (animal collective) -- i’m your eagle kisser
telepathe -- i can’t stand it
palms -- der keoning
black dice -- pigpen
tara jane o’neil -- sunday song
samara lubelski -- ego blossoms
blood on the wall -- lightning song
the silver jews -- self ignition
charles gansa (guv’ner) -- charlene
the naysayer -- the shell
tk webb -- the devil’s a dork (the sea told me)
lia ices -- reason in remain

Running time 53:00

CD 2

theo angell -- byegone
rings (formerly first nation) -- RIPeace
deerhunter -- after class
enon -- ashish
fischerspooner -- amuse bouche
john wolfington -- grace
la lus -- contendo
doldrums (damon mcmahon/amen dunes) -- not a slave
silent city -- prussian leather
sam jayne and the simpson sound system (love as laughter) -- darker still
tomorrow’s friend -- hats vs. headbands
kapow -- flying kites/the pop international
the jewish -- fantasy stalker

Running time 55:00

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