RBR 001 credits

Disc 1

Avey Tare -- I'm Your Eagle Kisser
Dave Portner--instruments and vocals

Telepathe--I Can't Stand It
busy gangnes--vocals and drums
melissa livaudais--vocals and guitars
ryan lucero--bass
guest vocals by gloria maximo

Palms--Der Koening
Nadja Korinth--vocals
Ryan Schaefer--guitar and drums
Nicolas Vernhes--Programming

Black Dice--Pigpen
Eric Copeland,
Bjorn Copeland,
Aaron Warren

Tara Jane O'neil--Sunday Song
tara jane o'neil-guitars and lead voice
nicolas vernhes--percussion, drums and backing voices

Samara Lubelski--Ego Blossoms
Samara Lubelski-vocals
david muller--piano, organ, autoharp, guitar to keyboard mapping
nicolas vernhes--arrangement, H910 handling, programming

Blood on the Wall--Lightning Song
Courtney Shanks--vocals and bass
Brad Shanks--guitar
Miggy Littleton-drums

The Silver Jews--Self Ignition
David Berman--guitar and voice
Stephen Malkmus--guitar and backing voice
Mike Fellows--bass
Tim Barnes-drums
Chris Stroffolino--piano
c 1998 Civil Jar Music (BMI)
Issued Issued Under License from Drag City

Charles Gansa--Charlene
Charles gansa--instruments and vocals
Danny Tunick-drums

The Naysayer--The Shell
Anna Padgett-vocals and guitar
Ruth Keating-drums, uke
Matt Sutton--lap steel
James Baluyut--guitars
Nicolas Vernhes--keyboard, SK1

TK Webb--The Devil's a Dork (the sea told me)
TK webb--vocals and all guitars
Jared Eggers--string performer

Lia Ices--Reason in Remain
Lia Kessel--vocals and piano
David Muller--Drums and Percussion
Andy McLeod--bass

Disc 2

Theo Angell--Byegone
Theo Angell--vocals

Rings (formerly first nation)--RIPeace
Nina Mehta
Abby Portner
Kate Rosko

Deerhunter--After Class
bradford cox--vocals and drums
Josh Fauver--bass
Colin Mee-guitar
Lockett Pundt--guitar
Moses Archuleta--manipulations
Fun Machine--machine fun

Toko Yasuda--Bass and Vox,
Matt Schulz--Drums,
John Schmersal--guitar

Fischerspooner--Amuse Bouche
Casey Spooner--vocals
Warren Fischer--programming
Nicolas Vernhes--programming

John Wolfington--Grace
John Wolfington--guitars and voice
David Muller--drums
Nicolas Vernhes--bass
Monica Paganucci and Nicolas Vernhes on backing italian/french babble

La Lus--Contendo
James Powers-vocals and guitar
Jake Klotz--guitars
Virgil Rhames--drums

Doldrums--Not a Slave
Damon Mcmahon on guitar and voice
Mike Bones--lead guitar
TK Webb--lead guitar
Brad Truax--bass
Parker Kindred--drums.

Silent City--Prussian Leather
Jared Eggers--guitar and vocals
Michael Loon bass
Tim Shrider-- drums

Sam Jayne and the Simpson Sound System--Darker Still
Sam Jayne--Vocals and Guitar
Robbie Lee--Bass Fender Rhodes
Andy Mcleod--Drums
Skyler Spohn--Guitar

Tomorrow's Friend--Hats vs Headbands
Alessandra Iavarone--vocals and guitars

Kapow--Flying Kites/The Pop International
Toshi Yano--vocals
Dustin Arduini--vocals,
Jay Braun--
Justin Braun--guitars
Tris McCal--guitars
Chris Isom
Josh Fleischmann
Nicolas Vernhes

The Jewish--Fantasy Stalker
Keith Poon--Casio accompaniment, vocals
Nightface--vocals, guitars
The Chicken--bass
Joey Mac--piano
Andy Mac--drums