Lia Ices with Iron and Wine and....VINYL!!

Lia Ices opened for Iron and Wine last Sunday at the Abrons Art Center, located in that funky area below Delancey Street. It's a great old theater and Lia was playing on a grand piano for the first time live. We're going to try to do more shows this way in the future as hearing Lia in this context makes all the difference.

Now onto something else:

After a lot of deliberation, we're in the process of having a very limited run of both Palms "It's Midnight In Honolulu" and Lia Ices "Necima" on 140g black vinyl made at Brooklyn Phono, which Mike and I visited yesterday. What a place...we're so lucky to have them nearby and plan on working closely with them in the future. The front cover art will be "tip on", we'll silk screen the song titles on the back, and there will be an insert in each with lyrics and additional information--for both records. We will sell it from the new website when it is available (in 3 to 4 weeks).
Please come back here or to the main site (here) for more info as we get ready to make them available.