Buying it:

Basically, the two US distributors, Carrot Top (CTD) and Revolver/Midheaven sell the record to stores who order it.
But if you live OUTSIDE the US, then you can order it from CTD this way:


Carrot Top has some great music in their catalog, so please look around while you're there.

Also available from Other Music, both as the double CD:


And Digitally as 320 kbps MP3's with no digital rights management (DRM) of any kind:


Unlike iTunes, Other Music has made both the crossfaded and non-crossfaded individual tracks and album available. On iTunes, all the single downloads are non-crossfaded, and when you buy the album you get 2 long bonus tracks; CD1 crossfaded and CD2 crossfaded. That's how they do it--they're nuts.

iTunes link is here:

Palms - Living Bridge

Hope this helps, until worldwide distribution is set up.